HOW TO SELL ON ADIKKT MARKETPLACE4 Steps to getting your items listed and sold on Adikkt.

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Step 1Set up a PayPal Business Account

If you don’t have a PayPal Business Account, you will need to create one before selling on Adikkt Marketplace. You will need to set this up so you are able to receive payment directly each time there is a purchase.

**Please note, we will be using Iyzico ( for our Turkish Vendors, so please create a Iyzico Business Account and we will apply the same thing by paying you direct each time there is a purchase.

Step 2Apply to become a Seller

You must apply to become a boutique seller on ADIKKT marketplace. Once your application has been received, you will get a response within 3 to 5 working days. We are looking for brands or boutiques that stand out and will fit perfectly with our site.

What you can sell: You can sell anything related to Fashion … Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics, Jewelry, your own designs or label, & clothing and accessories from other brands.

What you cannot sell: Any materials derived from vulnerable or endangered species – must not be used in products sold on Adikkt. All Branded stock must be genuine (No Fakes).

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Step 3Create your Boutique

If your application is accepted, the next step is creating your boutique. You are able to fully edit and build your own brand area within ADIKKT Marketplace. Areas include: About Us, Storefront, Logo, Social media, Showcase your top items and product listings. If you get stuck, there’s an Account Manager on hand to help you.

Additional Requirements: Must be sent to us once approved

  • Bio (About Brand/Designer – Min 750 Words)
  • Profile Picture of Designer
  • Fashion Quote that you love
  • Access to all Images/Videos (New or Old)
  • Lookbook(s)

Step 4List your products!

Now it’s time to start listing your products; Adikkt Marketplace requirements

  • 10 product (Min) Always add as much as you can.
  • Five images are allowed per product (Must be shot on a person and in natural daylight)
  • Title and Descriptions which tell buyers what they would need to know.
  • Add shipping/Taxes Details
  • Then Price and Post your items.

Policies to be aware of:

  • 30 days Return/Exchange
  • The client will return the items back to you. We do not warehouse any products
  • Please place our company name (Adikkt) and URL ( on your website.
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